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That's right, mobile means no waiting because there is no waiting room. High Caliber Chiropractic does not have a physical, brick and mortar clinic. Most people are used to visiting their doctor of chiropractic for their chiropractic needs in a more traditional office. Healthcare is rapidly changing for patients and for providers. Mobile chiropractic care is just one of those changes. Now that your chiropractor comes to you, Dr. Ryan can travel to treat at your preferred venue of choice. This might be in the comfort of your own home, gym, church or office space. There were many reasons Dr. Ryan wanted to convert his more traditional chiropractic office into a mobile practice was to enhance patient comfort. If patients can relax prior to their adjustment, the adjustment is delivered more smoothly and comfortably. Overall, the patient has a better experience. Sometimes it can be very difficult for a new patient to relax prior to receiving their very first adjustment when they are in a doctor's office. When a patient gets to choose their environment, the outcome is much more favorable.

A second big reason Dr. Ryan converted his practice into mobile was to enhance convenience for patients. We all live extremely busy lives and time is limited every day. A lot of time is consumed when you have to leave the office, or get all the kids in the car, sit in traffic, get everyone out of the car just to go sit in a busy waiting room to then try to relax and receive, hopefully, the best chiropractic adjustment you've ever had! However, you do have to get all those kiddos back in the car, fight that traffic again and back home to stay. What if we could skip all those steps except for the adjustment? That's right, you can just leave those kiddos at home and you don't have to wait in the waiting room or fight that awful traffic. That means more time for you and your loved ones. You already have to drive enough to accomplish all that you do in your busy life. Let your mobile chiropractor come to you for a change.

Dr. Troy Ryan, DC
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Meet the Chiropractor

  • Dr.
    Troy Ryan, DC

    Dr. Troy Ryan, DC is an evidence-based chiropractor who serves Parker and the surrounding communities in Douglas County.

    Dr. Ryan earned his masters of science degree in exercise and sports science in addition to his doctorate of chiropractic degree from the University of Western States. He also holds a bachelors of science degree in both human biology and international business management. During his graduate studies, Dr. Ryan had the opportunity to participate in the Maccabiah Jewish Olympics in Israel, as a chiropractic intern, where he treated Olympic athletes from all over the world. Dr. Ryan is board certified with the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners in both Oregon State and Colorado. He is also a member of the American Chiropractic Association.

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Patient Testimonials

  • "Dr. Ryan has treated both my wife and I. His approach is not rushed and he takes the time to listen prior to treatments to identify root cause. No doubt he is very good at his profession. Both my wife and I have reduced pain as a result of his treatments."
    Jon C.
  • "I followed Dr. Ryan from his previous office to his mobile practice. He takes his time, is professional but also feels like a friend, not to mention skilled at his profession. The convenience of his mobile practice is a huge bonus! I have never been to another Chiropractor, but did not feel the need to. He very much reduced my pain due to pinched nerves, sitting at a desk all day, etc."
    Tina L.
  • "Dr. Ryan is as professional as they get. Knowledgeable is an understatement. He knows what it takes to help you perform at your best and remain pain free."
    Rich K.
  • "Dr. Ryan is a well trained professional is his field, not only in the area of chiropractic care but overall health. He really cares about his patients overall health. Thank you for all you do for your patients!"
    Christine D.
  • "Dr. Ryan is on his own; giving in-home/office adjustments. From my perspective, the situation couldn't be better. He brings his extensive expertise to me. I get the same exceptional care that I did at his prior facility without the hassle of getting there. That's a plus. Dr. Ryan has a special sensitivity that translates well into his care for me. I feel that he is respectful of my body and what I need to be well. I have complete confidence in what he does."
    Scott L.
  • "Dr. Ryan has been treating me for over a year and has done a great job. The office is very professional. It also helps that they offer an array of services that are designed to work together and keep your back healthy. I highly recommend it."
    Sandra R.
  • "I have been seeing Dr. Ryan for 2 months now for my work accident. I fell off a 2 story roof and hurt my back and leg. Dr. Ryan's adjustments and laser visits have helped me a lot. I'm walking better and back at work. Dr. Ryan comes to my home to treat me, which is very convenient."
    Andres C.
  • "Dr. Ryan is one of the best chiropractor I've seen. He has helped me with a variety of ailments through his adjustments, most of which are muscular. Because he has such an expertise in anatomy and the interconnectedness of the body he is able to determine the underlying cause of an issue rather than just treating the symptom. One thing I really like about him is that he takes the time to listen to your situation and then does a thorough examination - he never rushes you through the appointment. And having him available to meet you at your home or office is a really great way to get the care you need right when you need it!"
    Lisa V.
  • "I am very active and enjoy competing in a variety of sports. I had a back injury 3 years ago and started treatment with Dr. Ryan over a year ago. He got get me back to 100%. I continue to see Dr. Ryan regularly to keep me in tune. Thank you Dr. Ryan!!"
    Johnny C.
  • "I have been to several Chiropractors, and Dr. Ryan was excellent! Very informative, his explanations made sense to me, he was able to answer all of my questions so i could understand what was going on with my body. It wasn't just an "in and out" experience, I felt very welcomed."
    Dana S.
  • "I was totally impressed with my first visit with Dr. Ryan and his battery of technology based exams.  Dr. Ryan is a pleasure to be around - he is always smiling and listening, and he likes tough questions.  I know I am in good hands with him."
    Scott W.
  • "If something works, stick with it. Dr. Ryan's philosophy has worked for me so I am sticking with it!"
    Craig N.
  • "Working with Dr. Ryan of High Caliber Chiropractic LLC has truly been an outstanding experience! The fact that he is a fully mobile practice has been a complete game changer for me!"
    Janine L.
  • "Dr. Ryan is a wonder!"
    Traci C.
  • "Just wanted to thank those that recommended Dr. Troy Ryan when I was searching for a local chiropractor! Dr. Ryan is not only highly convenient due to the fact that he's mobile and comes to me, he's extremely professional, courteous and personable! His approach is gentle and very effective. I would definitely recommend him."
    Robin P.
  • "Dr. Ryan took time and care to ask questions and get to know me and my lifestyle to determine the best course of treatment."
    Iris F.
  • "I started out with some major low back pain that had crept up my spine and continued to give me regular dulling pain. With a really efficient plan on attack, Dr. Ryan was able to get my lower back moving great. I am feeling great and I would highly recommend Dr. Troy Ryan to anyone who just wants to feel better. Most recently I had been struggling with an abdominal pain that my family doctor was not able to assist with and Dr. Ryan's knowledge of the body helped immensely with laser treatment. Without a doubt, I would recommend Dr. Troy Ryan to anyone. THANKS Dr. RYAN!"
    Brooke H.
  • "I went and saw Dr. Troy and had an exam as well as 10 minutes on the pro adjuster. I left his office feeling rejuvenated and loose like I could fully breathe and any ounce of sickness was gone."
    Marshall A.

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