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About Us


Welcome to High Caliber Chiropractic! The most unique part about High Caliber Chiropractic is that we are exclusively mobile. That's right, no office, waiting room, or traditional brick and mortar clinic that most people are used to. We bring chiropractic care to our patients. Dr. Troy Ryan utilizes all portable equipment from his chiropractic table to his soft tissue instruments that he uses for treatment. You can expect a longer treatment time with Dr. Ryan because soft tissue modalities are a big part of receiving your chiropractic adjustment. Typically an average visit is about 35 minutes. 

At High Caliber Chiropractic, you receive the best of care where your doctor of chiropractic will take the time to really listen to you so they know how to address the root cause of the problem. You will never feel rushed or hurried during your visit because it is important to feel heard and understood. Quality care means taking your time with the patient and not rushing an adjustment. The majority of the time patients need some trigger point therapy, soft tissue mobilization, functional stretching prior to receiving an adjustment. When this happens the patient can relax better for the adjustment and the adjustments will hold longer without asymmetrical muscles pulling at different parts of the spine. 

If you would like your first visit to be in the comfort of your own home or office then schedule your next chiropractic adjustment online or by calling 720-505-1221. Have a great day and remember that your health is your number one asset. 

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